Get a Fast Uncontested Divorce in New York

For $499 plus the court fee, we’ll file your divorce papers. Then in just 3-5 months, your new life can begin.

In the state of New York, divorce is quick and painless

You can file for divorce here without any hassle. No Court battles. No mud-slinging. And best of all, no lawyers!

Under New York law, you can cite Irreconcilable Differences if your marital issues have lasted for 6 months or more. Then it’s a simple procedure – as long as you both agree not to contest the divorce.

It starts with a chat at our Divorce Center here in in New York City.

Call us now on 1-800-414-0333.

A divorce for $499? What’s the catch?

No catch. No small print. For $499, we file your divorce and and see it through completion. The only extra is the $335 Court Fee, paid directly to the court – which may be waived if you receive SSI or Public Assistance.

If your divorce is uncontested… it’s as simple as that.

We’re here to make it easy

  • Your spouse’s signature is not needed – you just need to know their location, so they can be notified.
  • We file your divorce papers with the court, and guarantee they’ll be accepted.
  • Usually, there’s no court appearance. They have the right to call you in, but it’s rare in uncontested divorces.
  • And there are no hidden attorney fees – our highly trained paralegals take care of everything.

We’ve been handling New York divorces this way for over 40 years. It’s one of the reasons why The Better Business Bureau gives us an A+ rating.

“Sure…but what if it’s complicated?”

Yes, divorces can be messy. Maybe your spouse is dragging their feet, refusing a straight forward divorce? Maybe you can’t locate them? Or you’re at odds over terms?

It happens. So let’s start with your grounds for divorce.

If you can’t agree on Irreconcilable Differences, New York State law gives you other grounds like Abandonment, Lockout, and Mental or Physical Cruelty.

With proper grounds, you can divorce your spouse without their consent or signature – you just need to know their location, so papers can be served.

And if you don’t know their whereabouts, we work with agencies who can locate them for you.

It only gets tough when your spouse fights you over terms.

You both want custody of the kids. You can’t agree visitation. Or one of you makes big demands when it comes to money. That’s going to hurt.

That’s when some couples bring in a mediator, to find a resolution.

If you’re ready to discuss your divorce, contact us for more information.

Your Guarantee

When we file your uncontested divorce, the court will accept your grounds and documents. That’s a promise we make to every client.

Just one reason why the Better Business Bureau gives us an A+ rating.

Did you know…? You can
Apply for Your Divorce Online

Just answer our questions, and we’ll prepare the papers. Couldn’t be easier!

  • $499 divorce – plus a $335 court fee*
  • Start with a $199 deposit, with 2 weeks to pay the balance
  • Papers sent to you for signature, then filed with the court
  • Quick and easy – apply day or night, with rapid turnaround
  • The same support and guarantee we offer clients in person

* Receive SSI or Public Assistance? The court fee might be waived.

Online Divorce

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Your New York Divorce at a glance

  • Uncontested divorce for $499 – plus $335 paid to the court
  • Court fee might be dropped if you receive SSI or Public Assistance
  • No expensive lawyers – we’re paralegals, and we do it all!
  • No hidden costs or upsells – just one flat, affordable fee
  • No signature needed – file first, then serve your spouse the papers
  • Complete your divorce in 3-5 months – no court appearance likely
  • Friendly, personal service at our NYC Divorce Center
  • Prefer to file your own divorce online? We’ll make it easy!
  • Respected professionals with a track record stretching back 40 years
  • An experienced team – 250,000 divorces filed to date
  • Long-standing A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Your Guarantee – the court will accept your divorce grounds and documents
  • Free information – come and see us or drop us a line, we’ll help you plan your divorce

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