New York Divorces


Our fee for an Uncontested Divorce in New York is $399.00. The Court fee that is paid later, directly to the Court in 2 payments, is $335.00. If you receive SSI or Public Assistance, you do not need to pay the Court fee. If you have Children or Property our fee is $499.

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New Jersey Divorces


Our fee for an Uncontested Divorce in New Jersey is $399.00. You pay $399.00 when you come into one of our offices, and you pay the Court fee of $300.00 about one month later. For other payment arrangements call us or Contact Us.  If you have Children or Property our fee is $499.

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Divorce By Mail


The Divorce Center has been using “Divorce By Mail” for over 30 years. If you would rather not come to one of our offices, we will work with you through the mail. It is the same exact process as coming in, but it saves you a trip.  If you have Children or Property our fee is $499.

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We hope to provide you with useful information about our service and our offices throughout New York and New Jersey. Please feel free to browse our pages. For important information, please read About Us or our Frequent Questions page. Select the New Jersey Info page if you live in New Jersey, or the New York Info page if you live in New York. Call us or e-mail us for additional information using the Contact Us page.

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A divorce can be a trying time for the people involved. It’s easy to make poor decisions during this process, which can lead to regrets later. The best way to avoid this situation is to hire a professional with experience. At The Divorce Center, we have an excellent team of professionals who have handled over 400,000 uncontested divorce cases over the last 40 years. If you’re looking for reliable information, we can help.

Why Do You Need Professional Assistance for Divorce in New York & New Jersey?

When people think of divorce, money is one of the first things that comes to mind. Legal fees and lawyer charges can be expensive, which increases the financial burden during an already trying time. This can make people hesitate while hiring a professional and that can lead to problems down the line. Here’s a look at why hiring an experienced professional can help:

  • Court Procedures – The court has specific rules and guidelines when it comes to divorces in New York and New Jersey.   People who have no experience with these guidelines often find them intimidating and are likely to make mistakes. Our experts have handled more than 400,000 divorces over the last 40 years so we’re very familiar with the entire process.
  • Knowledge of Divorce Process – Divorce Center experts have in-depth knowledge of the divorce process, so they can have your divorce completed as easily as possible. Divorce Center focuses on New York and New Jersey divorces exclusively. No company that tries to do divorces for the entire country can match our experience. Every state is different, every county is different, every court clerk is different. We are at the court every week filing hundreds of sets of divorce papers for our clients.
  • Affordable – One of the biggest advantages of hiring the Divorce Center is that they’re a more affordable alternative to full divorce lawyers. Divorce Center professionals are familiar with local court procedures so you won’t have to worry about faulty advice or mistakes. There’s no compromise on the quality of service.
  • No Errors – The divorce can be dismissed or delayed if there are any errors in the documents filed. Many people who attempt to handle divorces without professional assistance often end up making mistakes on the forms, which can lead to trouble. By hiring a legal professional, you can be certain there are no errors during the process.

As you can see, hiring a legal professional has a number of advantages. Our team always makes it a point to communicate with clients directly to understand their requirements. This communication doesn’t just help us gain a client’s trust but also eases any worries or anxiety they may have.

Flat Rate Divorce in New Jersey

There’s a lot of uncertainty attached to the cost of a divorce, especially if you hire a divorce lawyer. These professionals charge on an hourly basis, which can add up to a big amount in a short time. We offer flat rate charges to our clients so they don’t have to worry about finances in this trying time. Here’s a look at the costs involved:

  • Basic Rate – The basic flat rate is $399 and is applicable to uncontested divorces that don’t include children. Our team will prepare all needed paperwork to ensure the divorce goes smoothly and is recorded in court.
  • Rate For Children – If child custody or property issues are involved, we need additional paperwork and must fill out the required forms. The cost of this service is $499 and it includes all the required forms. You won’t need to seek out other professionals for this aspect of the divorce proceedings.
  • Court Fees – The court will charge a standard fee for its services. It is paid directly to the court. This fee usually amounts to $300 and is paid at the time of the filing. The court fee with children in New Jersey is $325.

There are no other hidden costs or expenses involved, which means you won’t have to deal with unexpected surprises at the end of the case. Clients pay the Divorce Center fee when starting the divorce. They need to pay the court fees approximately a month after that.

How Much Time Does a New Jersey Divorce Take?

This is a quick and easy process that doesn’t require a lot of time. Our experienced team will quickly take note of the details, acquire the necessary forms, double check for errors, before filing them. A regular uncontested divorce process takes 4 to 8 weeks in New Jersey if your partner is willing to sign.

If the spouse is unwilling to sign, the process can take about 1 month longer. We will hire a sheriff on your behalf to deliver the divorce papers to your spouse, which removes the need for the initial signature. The sheriff charges a small fee, usually around $50.

This is only applicable for uncontested divorces because contested ones often involve long days making arguments before the court. This happens when your spouse spends thousands of dollars to hire a lawyer to fight with you. Legal professionals discourage contested NJ divorces because they’re not only stressful but also very expensive.

Grounds for Divorce in NYC

New York introduced the law permitting no-fault divorce in October 2010. It was the last state in the US to take this step. No-fault divorces are less stressful for the separating couple because there’s no blame being tossed around. There is no separation of time required. This indicates there’s no hope of reconciliation so the divorce is granted easily. You don’t have to disclose reasons for the divorce in the documentation. However, people are allowed to site reasons and apply for a fault divorce if needed.

Grounds for Divorce in NJ

New Jersey allows divorces for irreconcilable differences.  No separation time is necessary. For six months or more you and your spouse have had marital issues which have caused the breakdown of the marriage and make it appear that there is no reasonable prospect or resolution.

There are other reasons you can choose from; however, you will have to provide more information and the court may deny your divorce.

What are the Fault Grounds Considered in NY and NJ Divorces?

Fault grounds can vary in severity based on the relationship of the people involved. The court will only accept a limited number of faults and some of them include:

  • Adultery – If one spouse or both spouses indulge in a romantic or sexual relationship with others outside of marriage.
  • Irreconcilable Differences – This is similar to no-fault but a couple living together can file the divorce if they show these differences existed for more than six months.
  • Physical or Mental Cruelty – Physical or mental abuse or cruelty is a clear ground for divorce.
  • Desertion – If a partner leaves and doesn’t maintain contact with their spouse for an extended period of time without the spouse’s consent, it can be considered desertion.
  • Alcohol or Drug Abuse – If the spouse is prone to alcohol or drug abuse, their partner can file for divorce on these grounds.
  • Constructive Desertion – This happens when a partner is forced to leave the marriage because of their spouse’s misconduct. This can be anything from outright abuse to just withholding sexual relations.
  • Imprisonment – If an individual is imprisoned, their partner can seek a divorce on those grounds.
  • Deviant Sexual Behavior – Sexual behavior that goes outside a spouse’s comfort zone can be grounds for divorce. This can involve different sexual lifestyles or acts that are performed without the full and informed consent of the partner.
  • Institutionalized – If an individual is institutionalized, their spouse can seek a divorce on these grounds.

Why Choose Us for NY & NJ Divorces?

Choosing the right professional can help you get through this trying process quickly and painlessly. There are many establishments that offer assistance and a fast divorce, but few can truly deliver. Here are some reasons why you should consider us for the job:

  • We have over four decades of experience in this field and can handle all kinds of challenges related to the process.
  • An excellent client support team responds promptly to all client requests and provides detailed information regarding the process.
  • We provide services to clients in New York and New Jersey.
  • Clients can use a divorce by mail service if they are unable or unwilling to visit our office.

We’re not just a website and a team of professionals behind the screen. Professionals consult with clients on every case directly so you have face-to-face interaction with the person assigned to assist you.

If you want to know more about our services at The Divorce Center, don’t hesitate to call us on 1-800-762-3111 for New Jersey and 1-800-414-0333 for New York or contact us through our contact form. The team will be happy to help you in every way possible.