how to protect yourself when divorcing a narcissist

How To Protect Yourself When Divorcing a Narcissist

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Knowing how to protect yourself when divorcing a narcissist won’t remove all of the stress and emotions from the process, but it certainly makes things easier. Whether you’re dealing with an in-person divorce with lawyers or are interested in pursuing online divorce in NJ, narcissists always find a way to continue their manipulative, self-serving tactics and behaviors. Fortunately, staying prepared and knowing how to deal with a narcissist during a divorce can help you protect your peace.

What Is a Narcissist?

While many people use the term “narcissist” loosely these days, some people receive a formal diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder. Others may show their narcissism through a constant focus on themselves and how they can control others, putting their wants and needs above all else.

Some traits you may notice in the narcissistic partner you’re divorcing include:

  • Frequent bullying, condescending attitudes, and manipulation
  • Using people and finances as leverage or as a form of control
  • Inability to care for others as they care for themselves
  • Believing they can do no wrong and everyone else is the problem
  • Spreading lies

Protecting Yourself While Divorcing a Narcissistic Partner

Wondering how to protect yourself when divorcing a narcissist? Clear boundary setting is key from the beginning. You need to establish what you will and won’t allow because your needs and well-being matter and narcissists often make every effort to create a reaction and push buttons.

It’s a good idea to establish written documentation of every time you speak to and interact with your partner. Relying on verbal communication is bad since they can twist and lie about details to suit their favor. Keeping emails, text messages, or secure written forms of communication can provide concrete evidence of the other party acting out of line or not behaving appropriately during the divorce.

Coping with a breakup or divorce is difficult for anyone, but especially so when the other person is a narcissist. Developing a good support system of caring family members and friends can help you deal with this tough situation and assist with self-blame avoidance. When the narcissist clouds your judgment with doubt and blame, your loved ones may help you treat yourself with love, respect, and kindness.

You should hire legal representation as a different form of support during the process. If you’re wondering how to protect yourself when divorcing a narcissist, finding professionals with experience in complex or difficult divorces is essential. They may assist you with communication and protecting yourself against the other party’s narcissistic traits.

Remember not to give into the tactics of the narcissist by focusing your interests and concerns on other areas of your life. When you put yourself first, they may retreat when you don’t give in.

Finally, know that the process of divorcing a narcissistic person isn’t easy, so care for yourself throughout it.

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