The Break-Up Bucket List is a great blog that has taken the Internet space by storm. Ali Burns, an avid blogger was devastated when her 9-year relationship ended badly- well at least she thought she was. But soon she realized that her world hadn’t necessarily come to an end and that is when she started rethinking things and contemplating her life- and that is how the Break-up Bucket List was born!

She made an extensive list of things she had always wanted to do and never managed to, while she was in her relationship.

Living Life to Its Fullest

Now, a year and a half down the line, she has gone through most of those “must-dos” and “want-to-dos” on the list and feels that the transformation she has gone through is tremendous. She now finds that she is strong enough to survive without her break-up list, but she continues with it because it keeps her in sync with who she is; and pushes her to try different things& make the most of her life.

Stop Moping Around

So, why exactly is this list so popular? Very simply- it has helped thousands, of people across the globe to create their own break-up lists, stop moping around and live life to its fullest. There is a lot of good advice on Ali’s blog and mention of the different lessons she learned from drawing-out that list. Anyone who is either going through a separation or divorce should make it a point to checkout Ali Burns Break-Up Bucket List.

Just Some Simple Things

It’s full of simple things,but ones that can help you enjoy your life and heal from within. Anyone who has been in a committed relationship and goes through a break-up knows exactly how turbulent the phase can be. When you go through a divorce, it’s natural for you to feel like you’re worthless;that life itself isn’t worth living and that you just aren’t good enough, or attractive enough for someone to love you.

Create Your Own List

Stop doing that to yourself- just create your own Break-Up Bucket List- add just about anything to it- “ Watch TV all day”, “ Have Drinks with Friends”, “ Go skiing”, “ Climb a Mountain”- just about anything really – to set you free of the invisible shackles of your broken relationship. You have just one life and no matter how important that other person in your life was, when itcomes to having peace of mind- no one you have broken up is worth it!