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about_1OUR FEE for an Uncontested Divorce in New York is $399.00. The Court fee that is paid later, directly to the Court in 2 payments, is $335.00. If you receive SSI or Public Assistance, you do not need to pay the Court fee.

Normally, you pay $399.00 when you come into our office to start your divorce, then you pay $335.00 in payments to the Court later on. For other payment arrangements call us or use our Contact Us page.

Your spouse's signature is not needed, but you do need to know where they are, so they can be notified that you are filing for divorce.

There is usually no Court appearance necessary. We file all the divorce papers with the Court, and monitor their progress.

We have been in business for 37 years, and we are Members of the Better Business Bureau.

We accept all Major Credit Cards, Money Orders, Certified Checks, Debit Cards and Cash, but we do not accept regular personal checks.

Spanish speaking personnel and forms in Spanish are available.

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Call us for an appointment or use our Contact Us page to schedule one. If coming to our office is not convenient, check out our Divorce By Mail page. Check out our Frequent Questions page for answers to common questions.

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DIRECTIONS: We are on 72nd St between Columbus Ave. and Broadway. There is meter parking on 72nd St. (Bring Quarters). BY TRAIN: Take the 1, 2,3, 9, B or C trains to 72nd St.

Divorce can be a harrowing process that involves a lot of negotiation and expense. Most people imagine it involves lengthy and hostile arguments, several court appearances, and thousands of dollars in divorce lawyer fees. At The Divorce Center, we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to ensure the process is quick, painless, and affordable. We offer cheap divorce assistance and can help you navigate this process smoothly.

Affordable Divorce in NY

Separation is always an expensive affair and legal fees just add to the burden. We seek to reduce the burden by providing affordable services. The basic service costs only $399 and it includes preparing and filing paperwork for an uncontested divorce. If there is a child or property involved, you need additional paperwork, which can increase the costs to $499.

There are additional court fees that amount to $335 and are paid directly to the court. It is possible to get a divorce in New York State for less than a thousand dollars, which is convenient for people struggling to maintain good financial health during this process.

These services are affordable because you’re hiring experienced professionals instead of divorce lawyers.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

There are two basic forms of divorce; contested and uncontested. Contested divorces are much more volatile and time-consuming. They happen when your spouse spends thousands of dollars to hire a lawyer to fight with you.

An uncontested divorce means your spouse will not hire an attorney to contest the divorce once notified.  Terms of the Divorce are decided by you. (ex. Custody, Child Support, Alimony, Property,  Etc…)

Who Can Apply For Uncontested Divorce in NY?

Divorce laws vary from state to state so it is important to understand what the eligibility criteria for an uncontested divorce is before applying for it. Our experienced professionals can help you with this process and explain all the factors involved. Here’s a look at the criteria for uncontested divorces:

The couple must agree on the grounds for divorce, which in no-fault divorce cases involves “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage”.

No-Fault is the simplest and most common.  This requires that the relationship between you and your spouse has broken down irretrievably for 6 months or more.  No separation of time necessary.

There are less common reasons and may require proof and a possible court hearing.

No-fault divorces only became legal in 2010. Before that, couples had to state the fault in grounds for divorce while filing their paperwork. Grounds for divorce can include adultery, physical or mental cruelty, desertion, constructive desertion, imprisonment, institutionalization, alcohol or drug abuse, deviant sexual behavior, and irreconcilable differences.

You or your spouse must be a resident of New York for more than two consecutive years to file a divorce in this state.


If you or your spouse have lived in New York for only a year or more, you can only file a divorce if you were married in New York.


Acts occurred in New York and both parties reside in New York.

Uncontested Divorce Forms NY

An uncontested divorce is an easier alternative to contested divorce but that doesn’t mean it’s not complicated. That’s one of the reasons why separating couples are encouraged to hire legal professionals. You need to sort through a large amount of paperwork and make sure there are no errors. Our professionals have worked with the same forms several times and are very familiar with the process. Here’s a brief look at all the NYS divorce forms:

  • Summons with Notice (Form UD-1 or UD-1a)
  • Notice of Automatic Orders
  • Notice Concerning Continuation of Health Care Coverage
  • Affidavit of Service (Form UD-3)
  • Verified Complaint (Form UD-2)
  • Affirmation of Regularity (Form UD-5)
  • Sworn Statement of Removal of Barriers to Remarriage (Form UD-4) and Affidavit of Service (Form UD-4a)
  • Affidavit of Defendant (Form UD-7)
  • Affidavit of Plaintiff (Form UD-6)
  • Request for Judicial Intervention (“RJI”) (Form UD-13)
  • Support Collection Unit Information Sheet (Form UD-8a)
  • Qualified Medical Child Support Order (“QMCSO”) (Form UD-8b)
  • Child Support Worksheet (Form UD-8)
  • Findings of Fact/Conclusions of Law (Form UD-10)
  • Judgment of Divorce (Form UD-11)
  • Note of Issue (Form UD-9)
  • UCS-111 (USC Divorce and Child Support Summary Form)
  • Part 130 Certification (Form UD-12)
  • Notice of Entry (Form UD-14)
  • Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage
  • Self-Addressed and Stamped Postcard

This is just a list of forms you might need in while filing a divorce. The number of forms depends on the nature of your circumstances. For example, if there’s no child involved, there’s no need to fill out forms specifically created for child support or custody arrangements.

Advantages of Uncontested Divorce in New York

It is tempting to drag an estranged spouse to court, especially if there is a lot of discontent involved. But coming to an amicable solution is beneficial for all parties involved in the process, which is why an uncontested divorce is a more comfortable option. Here’s a look at all the advantages of choosing this divorce process:

  • Less Stressful – Divorce can be a very stressful affair but taking it to court can drag the process longer. That has a negative impact on the entire family, especially if young children are involved.
  • Speed – If all the paperwork is filed correctly, you can complete the uncontested divorce proceedings usually in about 4 to 6 months. This process doesn’t take up much of the court’s time, so it goes through quickly.
  • Costs – Contested divorces almost always require trial lawyers and multiple court visits. This can have a big impact on your finances. Legal bills can reach tens and thousands of dollars, which is why people prefer uncontested proceedings.
  • Privacy – Most people don’t realize that divorce cases fought in courtrooms are a matter of public record unless they are sealed. All information disclosed in the case is available for anyone to check. An uncontested divorce requires less information, so you won’t share much with strangers. It’s better to negotiate all sensitive or personal aspects of your relationship before you file a divorce.

These are just a few of the many benefits of uncontested proceedings. If you want to avoid stress and ensure the divorce goes smoothly, this is the best option. Our professional team will make all the required arrangements.

How Can We Help With New York State Divorce?

The New York State court websites provide ample information on the uncontested divorce process. This gives couples the confidence to forgo legal assistance and attempt to file a divorce without the aid of a lawyer or paralegal. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of trouble because errors can compromise or delay the case. Here’s a look at how we help:

  • NYS Divorce Forms – We fill out all required divorce forms relevant to your case carefully.
  • Double Check – Our professional expert will double check all forms for errors and make sure the information in them is accurate.
  • Copies – We will make sure all important documents have two legally valid copies, which ensures you and the court have the same paperwork.
  • Serve – Your spouse can either sign the papers and return them to you, or if your spouse will not sign someone over the age of 18 can hand your spouse the divorce papers or you will pay a sheriff or a subpoena service a small fee.
  • File – We file all your final court documents with the court.

Once all NY divorce forms are in order we will file the paperwork at the court for you.  The entire process is relatively quick and doesn’t require your personal presence in our office. That’s why we also offer a divorce by mail service, which allows you to handle most of the process from your home or workplace. There’s no need to make frequent trips to our office.

If you want to know more about our services at The Divorce Center, don’t hesitate to call us on 1-800-762-3111 for New Jersey and 1-800-414-0333 for New York or contact us through our contact form. The team will be happy to help you in every way possible.

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