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Easy Uncontested Divorce in Manhattan

Divorce can be a trying time for everyone and the parties involved consistent support to get through this process as painlessly as possible. At The Divorce Center, we’re commented to making this process as easy as possible. We have been a part of this industry for more than 40 years and understand what clients need at this time. With us, you get expert legal advice and great support services.

We specialize in uncontested divorces and make sure the process goes quickly, at an affordable cost. We also keep our client’s interest in mind and make sure the divorce settlement is fair to you.

If you want reliable services, don’t hesitate to speak with one of the experts on our team. They will answer all your questions and offer insight into your position. Read on if you want to know more about our services.

Uncontested Divorce – Why Is It Preferable?

Uncontested divorces are smoother, less traumatic, and healthier way to go through a permanent separation. You part with your spouse on amicable terms and have a better chance of working with them down the line. This is especially suitable for couples with children as uncontested divorces are much less traumatic to them.

During this divorce process, both spouses agree on the terms of separation. If you come to an amicable agreement, there’s no need to hire an expensive divorce lawyer to fight the case in the court. You can settle everything outside of court, which can save time and money.

A contested divorce is when the involved parties can’t agree on the matters like child custody, spousal support, asset division, etc., and need third party intervention. Contested divorces have a tendency to drag on for a long time. You will also need to hire a divorce lawyer, which is an additional expense.

Factors You Need Agree On

An uncontested divorce will only be successful if both parties agree on a number of deciding factors. No couple experiences a completely amicable divorce so there’s a lot of negotiation and conversation during this process. Here are some of the factors you need to agree on to go through this process smoothly:

  • You must agree to divorce. If one party doesn’t want to separate and the other does, it is a contested divorce and needs further negotiations.
  • It is important to agree on an equitable distribution of marital property. Marital property includes every asset that was purchased after the marriage date and before the divorce filing. There are some exceptions to this rule and they can also be discussed during the negotiation process.
  • The custody of children is one of the most important factors to consider during the negotiation process. Who will have the legal and physical custody of the child? What kind of child support should the party pay, and other such factors be discussed during this process.

Once these and other factors are agreed upon, all that remains is to file the appropriate paperwork and get through the divorce process.

How Long Does It Take?

Regular uncontested divorces take around 4 to 8 weeks if both parties are willing to sign and agree to the terms. If the partners aren’t willing to sign, the process can take up to a month longer based on how the negotiations go. Most partners in uncontested divorces take time to come to a good deal.

Most cases are resolved within this timeframe and you don’t need to go to the court to reach an agreement. We can hire a sheriff on your behalf to serve the divorce papers to the other party whenever needed. This just requires a small fee of $50.

If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to get divorced in Manhattan, we can help. Just give us a call and our paralegal experts will guide you through the process.

How Much Does It Cost?

We pride ourselves in delivering one of the most affordable uncontested divorce services in Manhattan.  There are three costs you need to keep in mind and they include:

  • The standard uncontested divorce process costs just $399. This doesn’t include the cost of handling children custody matters.
  • If children are involved, the cost can reach $499. This is because you need to file different forms for children’s custody arrangements and other such factors.
  • You also need to take court fees into account, which can cost around $300 for a basic divorce and $325 for divorces with children.

If you want to know more about our uncontested divorce services in Manhattan, you just need to call us at The Divorce Center at 1800 762 3111 or through our contact us form.

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