Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson have hadone of the most volatile divorces in Hollywood. The high-profile split gave gossip rags fodder for more than 22 years. Their divorce was notoriously nasty, with no accusations spared on either side. Reynolds accused her of cheating while Anderson accused him of abuse. People have yet to figure out if either of those accusations is true.

The couple got married in 1988 and split, very publically, in 1993. The divorce settlement required Reynolds to pay Anderson a fixed amount, but Reynolds filed for bankruptcy before the full amount could be paid. Last year, Loni finally tookReynolds to court over the matter and the judge ruled in her favor.

Burt had to pay Loni $154,520, the total amount of what he owed her and the interest accrued. This was the clear and final end of perhaps the longest divorce sagas in Hollywood history.

The couple married after a six year long courtship that also provided juice for the gossip magazines. Most people wondered if the couple would even marry. Burt was notoriously shy of commitment and Loni had been married twice before and was reluctant to commit again.

Nevertheless, they got married in a wedding that was, by all accounts, charming. Burt planned the entire event that was held in the chapel in his ranch. He topped off a great day by presenting a 7carat diamond wedding ring to his bride. Many of their fans fully expected the marriage to last, but they were disappointed. By 1993, the split was finalized and their marriage had barely lasted 5 years.

Recently, Burt sold his waterfront Florida home for $3.3 million, which might be the reason why he was finally able to clear the debt. He can still live in that home as long as he pays the rent, according to several reports.

The former couple have been in the news on and off for several years now. They’ve been selling off the gifts they gave each other during the course of their marriage. Burt was known for showering his wife with expensive trinkets, most of which she sold in an auction.

Burt held a similar auction where he sold of 600 personal items, including his Golden Globe for his supporting role in the movie Boogie Nights. Perhaps the two can now enjoy a measure of peace as the matter is behind them.